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Our Lending Strategy

We establish long term lending relationships with our commercial and residential property investors. Lending Bee, Inc. has access to a private pool of financial resources through our sister fund, LBC Capital. But we will also utilize other individual investors and private mortgage funds in order to get the best rate, term, and points.

Why LBC Capital?

Get funds in 7 days

We are your alternative to the monopolies established by other private mortgage fund firms. Investors are recognizing the benefits of the hard money loans and 7 day funding policy provided by Lending Bee, Inc. and we are experiencing strong demand from borrowers who feel trapped in a difficult lending market.

Careful analysis of opportunity

We carefully consider each loan opportunity and do not systematically drop loans that may be considered to be too far outside arbitrary guidelines. If you're a borrower frustrated by a lending market that is too difficult to work with, then you've come to the right place!